Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just Another Geek

Welcome! After several false starts, incomplete attempts, and near-disasters, Just Another Geek Who Talks Too Much is finally open for business for real. I've had some occasional test posts appear and disappear from here over the last few months as I've been trying to get things running (and trying to avoid having to use Blogger—an endeavor I have abandoned for the time being), but as of now, we are rolling!

So who am I? I'm Mark D. McKean, multimedia übergeek. Movies, television, books, music, science, high-tech, computers, Internet, history…if a person can geek out about it, there's a good chance I have at least a passing interest. My biggest geekeries are science fiction and fantasy, contemporary rock music, movies of all kinds, puzzlesmithery, and recreational mathematics, but there are few arenas touched by popular culture that I won't reference here at some point. The only things I'm actively avoiding here are religion and politics, except where they directly affect something geeky I'm talking about. If you want to get more of that, you'll need to visit one of my other sites, Ninety Degrees Widdershins and I Can Has Think?, both of which I intend to have operational within the next few days.

Aside from being an inveterate, incurable geek, I'm also heavily involved in running the Marcon Fantasy & Science Fiction Convention, held in Columbus, Ohio every year. Which happens to be part of why Just Another Geek has taken so long to get running: I help run Marcon's Programming Committee, and this year's convention starts in just a few days (May 9–11, to be specific). Needless to say, I've been busy getting things ready. Not only am I part of the Programming Team, I'm also going to be part of several panels and programs during the convention, including discussions about the film version of Ender's Game, Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files book series, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and J.J. Abrams' destruction of the Star Trek universe; a dramatized "trial" of Captain John J. Sheridan of the TV show Babylon 5; and my favorite event, the 13th Annual Buffy Sing-Along (which I started at Marcon 37 in 2002, the first Marcon after the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode "Once More, With Feeling" first aired in November 2001, and added a full cast to two years later), where I'll be playing the role of Spike for the six straight year.

So if you're going to be at Marcon, look for me and say hi! And stay tuned here for more geekiness… 

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